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Communication in Art & Design
Unit 28

Expanding ways to communicate an idea through visual means.

50 Things - Orange vs Strawberry

An exercise in synectics. We were provided with two items at random and given the task of developing 50 different concepts.


D&AD Competition Brief 2023 -
Gen Z vs Penguin 

Developed into our module is the D&AD 2023 competition brief for Penguin. We need to develop a conversation between Penguin and it's Gen Z (16-24 year old) readers, through 3 pieces of merchandise to enhance their reading experience wit Penguin.

Penguin ideas.png

Pen Z Subscription
Example Landing Page

Mock up landing page for QR code on Penguin Screen print poster.

Landing Page for Poster.png

Print Specifications and Costing

Mini task to approach printers and get quotes on set print specifications.

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