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Techniques & Processes
Unit 4

This Unit supports work on the main briefs in  the other Units. I investigate design development processes and various practical techniques.

These skills and techniques underpin the art and design practice are the key to developing a strong individual approach to the development of ideas and execution of work. 

Mood Board/Analysing and Brief

These techniques help to identify and understand the crux of the brief, giving a firm foundation to build the project on and circle back to for direction at every stage of the process.

Gen z Mood Board.jpg

Mark Making and Colour

Back to basics, looking at simple but essential drawing and mark making techniques


Screen Printing

In these workshops we learn how to screen print and produce a poster to compliment out Penguin project. 


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting workshop with simple mapping ideas.


Illustrator and Mapping

Follow up workshop to the Susie Eland Mapping session

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 12.18.50.png

Mapping the World: R&D Mini Evaluation

Mind Mapping, Condensing the brief and analysing the project ahead.



Documentation of our workshops at the Letterpress Collective.

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 00.05.59.png
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