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Week One_Branding

What is Brand?

A brand is a promise of satisfaction

A brand is usually created around a product or service and is the combination of visual components alongside a narrative, sometimes invented and sometimes organic. This can comprise of logo, colour, styling, product, packaging and environmental design, advertising, tone of voice, approach to customer service.

The role of a brand is to create aspiration. A desire to have, use, or be associated with the product, person, or service being promoted.

Brand Case Study Presentations:

Analysis of 2 companies on the following aspects of their brand - 

Positioning - How they compare to other products and services within their field.

Storytelling - What is the narrative they use to create a relationship with their customers. Something to make the product more than the sum of it's parts, this could be a lifestyle, a concept, a community or just build trust.

Design - This includes all aspects; marketing, product, packaging and concept.

Price - Similarly to positioning, this aspect allows the company to pitch their products or services against competitors.


Customer Relationship - The opportunity to create loyalty to a brand, through support, communication and after care.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 20.23.32.png
1.Richer Sounds
2. Aston Martin
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.21.15.png
Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 11.38.12.png

Creating a Brand: Genderless Beauty

Create a new brand, include:

The product name.

The brand promise/proposition/core values/mission statement

Brand positioning

Target demographic groups

Brand Story/back story

How will your product be packaged? – visual styling?

Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_01.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_02.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_04.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_03.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_05.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_06.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_07.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_08.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_09.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_10.jpg
Genderless Beauty - Brand in Progress_Kate R_Page_11.jpg

Stroke of Mercy comes from the an exploration into words that describe beauty. The term 'knockout' is used for exceptional good looks, but is also a term in boxing. A synonym for this is 'coup de grâce' which directly translates as Stroke of Mercy. The word stroke could also relate to a make up brush stroke, which creates a poetic circle for me.

The USP for this product comes with its core values to be vegan and cruelty free. An ethical brand that produces sustainable, eco conscious, non destructive beauty products, that are for everyone.

I don't think I reached a satisfactory outcome with this mini brief, it has the start of a good idea, but I feel more work needed to be done around the colour palette and how that interacted with the recycled, unbleached packaging. I also felt the almond shape behind the logo type was somewhat naive and the look could be more sophisticated without it. My mock-up packaging was pretty awful (Incorrect perspective and design not wrapping round). This was all due to short turnaround time .

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