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part one

Digital Design Practices
Unit 18

In this module we look at expanding and applying our knowledge in Digital Design Practices. 

Website UI and UX Review

In this blog I will discuss recent websites I have used, with a view to assessing their User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Looking at what my objective was, how did I achieve this, what were the steps to get there and how easy was it.

Interface Design Principles

Group activity assessing the 4 C's; Comfort, Control, Cognitive Load and Consistency of 4 selected apps and websites. 

Annoying App/Website
of the week

What's been grinding my gears when it comes to apps and websites, find out why here.

part two

Introduction to Animate

Our first experience of animation, we have started by getting to know Adobe's Animate.

Animation Research

• Rediscover your favourite cartoons / animations

• Look for interactive animations in your everyday

• Bullet-point analyse two interactive animations

Introduction to Processing

We get an opportunity to learn a different way to animate, processing is a simple open source coding platform.

Lost Lands Animation

Our own person project to create an animation that ties in with our Mapping the World Typography project.

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