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Creative Industries 
Roles and Structure

Heres a brief look at the Creative Industries structure and what roles are available, specifically in the Graphic Design Sector.  

What is included in the Creative Industries?

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD, here is an overview of the creative industries:

What roles does Graphic Design cover?


Here is a basic breakdown of jobs that fall under graphic design, however I think this list is missing quite a lot of roles, such as jobs like, Studio/Office Manager, project coordinators, client managers. There is also a chunk of the industry missing that deal with commercial print, Point of sale, way finding, other miscellaneous bits of design that aren't Illustration, Branding or Typesetting and falls somewhere in between all three.

Below is the traditional hierarchy in a design agency and the potential progression you can make if you follow a formal path and don't just freelance it! Technical term ;-)


Job Ads for Junior Designers - Skills analysis

I have looked at some current roles advertised locally to see how may skills compare and do i have what is needed to apply? I went through the ads and colour coded their requirements to whether i have what they want using this key:

Magenta = Yes (got those skills!)

Green = Not sure or needs work

Cyan= Not yet (or maybe never!)

Job roles2.jpg

So from this exercise it does appear that I have a great deal of what's being asked of a junior designer, although it doesn't stop me feeling nervous that they won't like my particular style if i do apply. But I should be in with a good chance for these level of roles, and perhaps I should be looking at a grade up from this. 

The area I definitely lack skills, experience and if i'm totally honest, interest is digital - animation, apps and I only have my own websites for experience on that front. 

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