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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the use of a high-powered laser to cut, etch and engrave your material. Lasers cut by burning through the material and are incredibly precise. They can be used on cardboard, paper, wood, foam, acrylic plastics as well as on some metals and glass.

Laser Cutting - 50 Things

Strawberry seeds

  • Experimented with different cards (colour and weight)

  • Used as stencil

  • Photocopied

  • Layered

Areas for development:

  • Play with scale

  • Remove partial seeds or seeds partial seeds less than half, more obvious because of scorching

Laser Cutting - Mapping the World
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 20.52.40.png


  • Natural colour materials - wood/card

  • Lines

  • Reduced information but still complex

  • Typography included

  • Layers

  • Pattern

  • Delicate

Laser Cut Test 2.JPG
Lasercut remnants.jpg
Laser Cut Detail.JPG
Laser Cut test.JPG
Contour Laser cuts.jpg


  • Imagined lanscape

  • Tube Map inspiration

  • Lines and terminals

  • Interweaving and complimenting

  • Typography

  • File set up challenges

  • Ensuring all components are outlines and not compound paths

  • Layers

  • Delicate

  • Pattern 

  • Overall successful

  • Development  - experiment with more materials and scale

  • Find a bottom layer for etch to be more effective/visible


  • Negative space 

  • Layers

  • Pattern

  • 3D

  • Tool to imprint/emboss

  • Visually pleasing

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