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Annoying App/Website of the week

Looking at which apps or websites are not working for me and most importantly, why?


Sainsbury's Grocery App

I will start by explaining that while I do love a good shop in Sainsbury's, I tend to use the Ocado App for online shopping orders because several years ago I tried all the main supermarkets online offerings over a period of time 

and Ocado was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of app/website function and usability. But like all supermarkets they don't stock everything you like or need, It can also be considerably more expensive than other shops. 

I thought rather than finding time to nip down to my local Saino's i'd save time and book a delivery, however I gave up in frustration as I found it excruciating to find the products I was after.  

The Browse option available to me from the home page offered only abstract categories that didn't appeal to me or were particularly helpful for a weekly family shop, to reach the general categories (ie Fruit, Veg, Dairy etc.) it required scrolling 4 full pages to the bottom to find them. This is neither friction free or without thought.

My primary bugbear though was my requirement to search for a specific ingredient, Rice Wine Vinegar. Something I was fairly certain a large central city supermarket would stock. My initial search was for the words 'Rice' and 'Vinegar' not a big stretch to return a bottle of Rice Wine Vinegar. However my first search did not return any bottles of Rice Wine Vinegar at all and the first two items were Rice and the remainder of the results were vinegars, bot not the one I required. Incredulous that they did not stock what I was looking for, I searched again with the exact words which finally did return me what I was looking for but not the first result, that instead was Red Wine Vinegar.


I did push on looking for a few other items for a short while, with very similar experience repeated for my shopping list. But given that the search function begins with suggestions for the letter R but type in RI and it gives up, I felt I would return to my familiar and preemptive Ocado App that knows exactly what I want, even when sometimes, I don't. 

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