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Freek Decaf Coffee

Brand Guidelines

Mission Statement & Manifesto

A freek owns their unique!

1. We intend to drink the love of danger, the habit of energy and fearlessness.

2. Courage, boldness, and rebellion will be the essential elements in our keep cups.

3. Up to now, decaf coffee has extolled a contemplative stillness, rapture and reverie. We intend to glorify aggressive action, a restive wakefulness, life at the double, the slap and the punching fist.

(F.T. Marinetti, 1909 vs Freek, 2024)

Launch Activation

Firefly angry dinosaur monster wearing roller skates holding coffee in each hand; shopping
Firefly angry dinosaur monster wearing roller skates handing out coffee to passerby; coffe

Proposal launch activation activities:

  • Roller-skating Godzillas handing our free decaf coffee to big brand coffee store customers as they leave the opponents premises  - offering to 'Upgrade their coffee'.

  • WineTasting style coffee tasting events

  • Blind taste test.

  • Grayson Perry celebrity endorsements (Billboard, social media, magazine and television advertising/product placement/ Grayson designed Freek branded keep cup.

  • Branded Keep cup giveaway.

  • Decafember (or Nocafemeber) - Give caffeine up for a month. Tie in with App download - log mood/physiological symptoms to track improvement. Once on App offer subscriptions, digital loyalty card and monthly offers. 

  • Marmite collaboration - Coffee flavoured Marmite vs Marmite flavoured coffee - which will you choose? "Love it or hate it/ it's not for everyone" "Definitely not normal"

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