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Evaluation & Bibliography

Project Evaluation

Status: Project completed.

Still outstanding - Final Presentation to client and final feedback.


Over budget time wise – not ideal. Done in time for final presentation though. The primary problem with poor time management has been the inability to fulfil the potential on all my ideas. A good solution to help with my next projects would be to create a timeline of my project plan. Decided on dates for my deliverable outcomes and have regular reviews of that plan to see if things are on schedule. If not, extra time may be needed to be set aside for tasks to bring me back on schedule. 


Not all elements completed fully or satisfactorily 

- Research evidence lacking – despite having done extensive research into challenger brands, coffee brands, their packaging and studies done on the medical effects of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees, I have not evidenced this fully. Which means my critical analysis of these approaches is also not evidenced. For future improvement, it is imperative to do this as I go to ensure I capture everything. 

- I have also failed to Harvard reference my Bibliography. Quotes are referenced in situ but not in the bibliography. This all goes back to poor time management.

- My activation ideas were extensive, but I have been unable to produce all the supporting material I had hoped to help sell them as an idea. This would have really helped to make a much more convincing pitch for these ideas 

- Finally, I would really like to have included examples of a website/app and a motion graphic version of the logo.


I got very stuck with the brand identity at one point. The words I need to talk about my brand and articulating it verbally became quite confused for me, I think was due to have a too many ideas for the brands mission, there are still a few angle that I am approaching it as ( Uniqueness/ Social Acceptance – these are conflicted somewhat and contradictory at times, there was also Health  and social/environmental responsibility to consider) I found I challenging to condense all of this down into one small soundbite. I’m still not convinced I have achieved a succinct enough result within the Manifesto/Mission Statement, it also took a definition page, and Tone of Voice page and brand values to cover everything. This is where I lacked having a team the most, with the decision making, being able to be ruthless and not use everything, I fear my messaging is diluted. A better way to use these ideas and strapline might have been in Social media posts and posters in a similar way to the Gorilla Girls used their poster campaign to share their manifesto.


Looking at my project for the successes, I feel my thorough research has produced a visually strong aesthetic and a robust concept. If this project were to be released into the real world, I feel it has the potential to be fruitful. Although, this feels like a first pass at it, there are many areas that could use more time and polish. There was a huge amount to cover in a short space of time. In a bigger team there would be a bigger range of specialist skills involved in producing different aspects. I feel that my role, the one I excel at is curator of aesthetic and concept generation. I’m your ideas man.


We have yet to receive our final feedback from the client/ briefing team due to time frames and schedules. But the interim feedback we received was exceptionally helpful. Highlighting aspects, I would not have considered, bring my focus back to the crux of my concept. Often, I found things so glaringly obvious that I completely missed addressing them, for example the idea that my brand had to be cool and funky, I had just assumed it would be and did nothing to convey this in the briefing. The final feedback session was all great ideas, but I feel with only a week to go some of the fantastic ideas overwhelmed me with potential avenues to pursue. I could have communicated more clearly with the team where I was with my workload – If I had created a project plan it may well have helped me convey that. I attempted to take on board all the suggestions given, and at the very minimum research and consider how I would be able to implement them. 

 I did find that I could have done with more regular meetings with the team, and I would have liked to do them face to face so I could show them more of my project, but I did the best I had and am grateful for the time they did spare to me.


Overall, a good result. Better paced workload and time management would have meant I could have realised a lot more of my ideas. 


An attempt to whittle down the crux of my brand


Websites all accessed between  26/4/24 - 7/6/24

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